Welcome to iPads in Middle School!

Hi! My name is Lee Hasting and I am a middle school technology teacher at Brookhaven Middle School in Decatur, Alabama.

My Purpose

  • Thanks to the Decatur Morgan Minority Development Association, I have a classroom sets of iPads as of August 2012; therefore, I'm gathering information about apps and best practices in using iPads in the classroom. My ultimate goal is to make use of the iPads to transform the classroom to one that is student-centered, promotes higher order thinking skills, and results in students who are well-prepared to enter a technological world and solve problems.
  • I would love for others who are iPad users who have ideas dealing with the classroom use of iPads to join the wiki and contribute your ideas.
  • Please visit the pages listed on the right.
  • Invite others in education to join and contribute to the wiki. Thank you!